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Information and Resources for Landlords

The Housing Authority of Fulton County’s Housing Choice Programs (formerly Section 8) provides rental assistance for low-to-moderate-income families in the private rental market. The HAFC works with families and landlords throughout unincorporated Fulton County and Sandy Springs to provide choice-based, affordable housing.

Current property owners with HAFC’s Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) can access our new Property Owner Portal for the latest news and updates.

Learn more about the program below and when you’re ready to sign up, contact us at 404-588-4950. 



  • Low Vacancy Rates: Because clients are always looking for suitable, affordable housing, a Housing Choice Landlord rarely has a vacant property.
  • Good Clients: The Authority conducts extensive background checks (including criminal and payment history) on all potential Housing Choice clients. Landlords are also able to create their selection criteria. A participating landlord is not required to rent to a family who does not meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Well-Maintained Housing: The HAFC conducts an initial property inspection and annual inspections. Along with the landlord’s periodical checks, these inspections ensure highly maintained properties t the highest level.
  • Guaranteed Rent: ost Housing Choice families have a financial safety net if they experience a loss of income. In those instances, the HAFC typically increases its portion of the rent subsidy.
  • Limited Paperwork: All leases and contracts are standardized and prepared by HAFC at its offices. The HAFC performs the bulk of the paperwork.

Important Forms

– Direct Deposit Authorization Form

– Change of Property Ownership Request Form

– Landlord Change of Address Form

– W-9 Tax Form Form

– Authorization to Transact

– Mortgage Release of Authorization

– Payment Standards

– Utility Allowances

– Service Areas

– Rental Increase Packet

* All Forms are .PDF files – Adobe Acrobat is required to view forms

* Please send all Rental Increase inquiries to