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About the Housing Authority of

Fulton County

The Housing Authority of Fulton County (HAFC) was created in 1972 by Fulton County legislation to address the need for decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing in unincorporated Fulton County.

HAFC is subject to enabling legislation authorizing the Housing Authority’s creation and must comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, including the specific HUD rules and regulations governing public housing authorities.

By administering and developing housing opportunities for families of low to moderate incomes, the Authority provides not only housing stock but also essential self-sufficiency skills crucial to assisting residents in moving up and out of public housing.

A nine-member board of commissioners appointed by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners sets the Authority’s policies and provides guidance. In keeping with its strong belief in resident participation and empowerment, two members of the Board are residents of the Authority.


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Board Of Commissioners

A word from Executive director

Greetings and welcome to the Housing Authority of Fulton County, Georgia (HAFC) website. On behalf of the HAFC Board and the entire HAFC team, view and become familiar with the Housing Authority’s numerous resources. This website provides the opportunity for you to access essential and time-sensitive information that can be useful in your search for housing contact/vendor opportunities. 

Change is one of the few things in life that is constant. Recognizing the profound nature of the changes for the families we serve, we examine how these events impact our primary areas of concern of providing safe, decent, sanitary housing conditions and upward mobility opportunities personally, economically, and socially. Though our focus and commitment to the families we serve are never in doubt, what is open for examination is how we do business, mainly our work within internal operations and sustainability.

We welcome the opportunity to be your source for affordable housing options and development, sustainable livability, and self-sufficiency. All of these options are designed to enhance our customers’ lives, to high standards of public accountability and continuous improvement through management excellence, professional development; the HAFC also works in partnership with stakeholders to add value to the community. 

We offer a combination of housing programs including public housing, voucher subsidy programs, tax credit properties, and homeownership initiatives.

Lolita Grant, CPA

Interim Executive Director​


Attorney Antavius M. Weems
Board Chair
Dr. Lamar J. White
Barbara Duffy
P. Andrew Patterson
General Counsel
Stuart Canzeri