Business Opportunities



1.         CHANGE AGENTS: The giving of ourselves to others. A kind of devotion that will give greater meaning to the lives of others, not accepting “What Is” as current acceptable conditions, but improving those conditions to a higher “Must Be” level that is the only acceptable service delivery standard.

2.         COMPASSION: Treating every client as if they were our family member. Developing organizational operations that integrate the spirit of compassion in our policies, procedures and common practices affecting the treatment of our employees and residents.  Promoting a “We Care” attitude.

3.         COOPERATION - Combining Teamwork and Partnerships:  A movement from co-existence to an integrated process that is inclusive and strategic in maximizing our intellectual and financial resources that will strengthen the Housing Authority and its efforts to better serve its employees and clients: “A Seamless Organization.”  Also, developing collective efforts from HAFC staff and residents, business and community leaders, and community and human service organizations to build successful organizational models that will lead to the self-sufficiency of our clients. Creating "Win-Win" strategies for all our partners and emphasizing that one is dependent on the other.

4.         CONSISTENCY AND CREATIVITY: Always operating from a "customer friendly" attitude and always displaying ourselves as an equitable employer and manager of the assets under our responsibility; YET continuing to stretch our vision and combine that vision with meaningful actions that reflect our new "Can Do” spirit.

5.         COMPETENCE: Seeking excellence in all that we do. We should take pride in our work, but never be satisfied with less than the highest, superior performance.

6.         COMMITMENT - Being accountable for our actions: Creating an environment that promotes personal responsibility to our clients and professional responsibility to ourselves.

7.         CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: If we are not improving, we are getting worse; there is no standing still. Learning must be our organization's way of life. The only way our organization can be assured of having a future is to be better tomorrow than today.

8.         COMMUNICATION:  "Truth is Job 1." Truthful information is quality information. We place the highest premium on truthfulness. Every form of communication we put forth should be an accurate representation. Open communication ensures the sustainability of the organization. We also believe in continuous communication that flows from bottom to top and top to bottom.