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Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program

What is the Section 8 Housing Choice Homeownership Program? As an extension of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, HAFC provides assistance for eligible families to purchase a home by applying their existing housing choice voucher to their monthly mortgage payment instead of their monthly rental payment. The subsidy is offered for up to 15 years if the primary mortgage is 20 years or greater, or 10 years in all other cases.

How affordable is Section 8 Homeownership?
Based on participant pre-qualification.

How the Section 8 Housing Choice Homeownership Works.
HAFC partners with community housing organizations to ensure the success of participants in the HCV Homeownership Program. The community-housing partner provides homeownership counseling, gap financing, and guidance through the home buying process. In addition to the monthly mortgage subsidy, the program features a low down payment requirement, and pre-homeownership and post-homeownership education courses that offer assistance in:

  • budgeting and money management
  • credit counseling and credit repair
  • financing
  • home maintenance

The participants in this program are also provided information on tenant-owner relations, housing unit upkeep, and referrals for other counseling, including employment, training, and educational opportunities. Most importantly, potential homeowners have access to a support system of housing partners for any information or referrals they may need.

Application Process: Persons interested in participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Homeownership Program must take the following steps:

Fill out a pre-application: All interested applicants must fill out an application. For more information please contact Ms. Iris Conners
Office: (404) 730-5846
Fax: (404) 730-5847
or by e-mail at:

Waiting list: There is no waiting list.

Final application/screening process: you must meet the following criteria:

The participant must pass a criminal history background check.

Complete the application process - the applicant must bring in the following documentation to the initial homeownership program appointment:

  • Identification for all household members who are age 17 or over
  • Social Security cards for all family members
  • Proof of income for all household members

    Unit Offer: Once participants are pre-qualified and complete the final application/screening process they begin the search for their home.


Family Self-Sufficiency Program participants
All other Section 8 Housing Assistance residents
The participant must be an HCV program participant in good standing for at least one year.
The participant must be a first-time homeowner (defined as not having ownership interest in a residence during the last three years, except in the case of a displaced homemaker or single parent, who while married, owned a home or resided in a home with a spouse).
With the exception of disabled and elderly persons, at least one of the participants in each family must be currently employed on a full-time basis (at least 30 hours per week) and show proof of employment for at least one year prior to the date of application.
With the exception of disabled and elderly persons, the participant must meet minimum income requirements, excluding TANF, SS, SSI, and all general assistance. Specific requirements are based on family composition and number of bedrooms allotted in the Section 8 Homeownership Program.

How Long a Wait for Section 8 Housing Choice Homeownership Program?
Once participants qualify, there is no waiting list.



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